Spiritual Aspect of Kinbacku

The Japanese refer to a specific art form of rope tying as Kinbaku and the west will often refer to it as Shibari. Kinbaku at its essence should combine a number of different traits. It should include a sense of beauty, functionality,and eroticism.

The rigger, or the person who does the tying, uses various techniques and knots in tying his or her partner, who is known as the rope bottom. When manipulated by a skilled rigger, various forms of support and suspension can be created with the use of one or several ropes. At the highest level Kinbaku should link the two people emotionally and spiritually. Although very sensual, a session need not be overtly

There are certain distinct traits that differentiate between a successful rigger from a successful rope bottom. A successful rigger must display a show of dominance over the rope bottom. A rope bottom must have total trust in the rigger so that he or she will submit totally to the rigger. The level of dominance and submissiveness can vary from being a passive encounter to an aggressive encounter. It depends on the experience, personalities, and the moods of the rigger and his rope bottom as to what encounter they are seeking.

At its best it is an emotional bond, which can include lust and seduction, for the parties. There should be an exchange of each person’s inner self and perfectly being attuned with the emotional needs of each other. As a rigger it is imperative you have a clear purpose on what you intend combined with the compassion and control over the rope bottom so that they achieve the ultimate sense of bliss. The rigger must know his strengths and weaknesses. An over confident rigger can easily hurt the rope bottom.. The rigger must be aware of the pressure points on a person's body so he/she can avoid cutting off the circulation and thus risking serious damage to the rope bottom.

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