Mouton Rothschild - Wine Labels and Art

Brixton loves his wines, especially loves Bordeaux wines, and he loves art. One of his favourite wines is Chateau Mouton Rothschild from Bordeaux which produces some of the finest and most expensive wines in the world and since 1945 had their labels designed by some of the world's top artists for each vintage.

They have the distinction of being the only Chateau promoted from the 1855 Classification from a super second growth to a first growth in 1973.

In 1924 the poster artist, Jean Carlu, was commissioned to design the wine label for that vintage. Baron Philippe then waited until 1945 to finally establish a tradition whereby a different artist would design the wine label for each vintage.

The wine labels have been designed by some of the most celebrated artists of their times which have included, Georges Braque (1955), Salvador Dali (1958), Henry Moore (1964), Juan Miro (1969), Marc Chagall (1970), Pablo Picasso (1973 - the year of the promotion), Andy Warhol (1975), Paul Delvaux (1985), Keith Haring (1988), Francis Bacon (1990), Prince Charles (2004) and Lucien Freud (2006).

The artists had complete freedom to create their labels but certain themes such as the vine, the pleasure of drinking and the Mouton Rothschild emblem, the ram, often provided a rich source of inspiration.

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